Monday, June 9, 2008

What's the deal?

Reese has been cranky, whiny, fussy, if it is bad she has been it today and the last few days! She has learned how to pitch a fit when she is not getting what she wants. She tosses and turns when I am trying to change her diaper. She runs away from me when she has something that she shouldn't. The look to the right is exactly her these last few days. I think she is tired of me...she wants some new faces around. Hopefully I can schedule some playdates coming up so she can have some other interaction.

Sunday night Lance and I started a class by Dave Ramsey called Financial Peace University. It was interesting and we are really looking forward to these next 13 weeks. Hopefully we will come out of this class with a bright future ahead of us when it comes to finances. I think both of our overall goals are to 1) be debt free (eventually) and 2) know how to help Reese (and any other kids that come along) with her financial planning. My sweet cousin Lissa kept Reese for us. She said Reese was an angel while we were gone...why can't she be that way for me? Liss, can you come over here all of the time??

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Anonymous said...

write these dates down. 12-14 years from now this attitude will present itself as a teenage female FTS (or better known as pms)

love, dad