Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mad Baby

This is what a mad baby Sam looks like. He cried like this for 1.5 hours today. Still not sure why. The only thing he wanted was to be held a specific way, rocked, and soothed by his paci. If I moved him at all he got mad. During this time we had to go pick Reese up from school. Once she was in the car and he could hear her, he stopped crying and just looked at her. Maybe he missed her today?


Nathan and Patricia Harder said...

awww! those are the moments I am not looking forward to. The I don't know what is wrong with him!

Cathy said...

Your Moka taught me when a baby continues to cry and you cannot figure out why....strip them down to their birthday suit...this happened to Michael...when I stripped him down I found the tag in his clothes was irritating his little back...it was all red and scratched....just a thought from a "FAVORITE" Grammie :):)