Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Fun Day!

This morning we had a bunch of mommies and kids over. It has been several weeks since we all got together because of the holidays and we missed everyone so much!! It was loud, tons of conversation, eating, and just what this soul needed. I didn't take one single picture and I wish I had. The kids all seemed to have a blast seeing each other again too.

I am so glad to be getting back in to a routine after having Reese out of school for two weeks. She goes back tomorrow and she is very excited. I am going to try to catch up on laundry tomorrow. Some how the laundry just builds and builds. I think Lance hides his laundry somewhere during the week and then dumps it all in the basket at once. And I feel like I do laundry everyday. I have two loads (one clothes and one sheets) that still need to be folded from last week. I never let that happen but somehow it has. We will see how it goes...


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Tucker's Mom said...

We had so much fun on Monday too Renee. I guess we will see you on Friday at gymnastics. Can't wait!