Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I am such a slacker right now. I have no pictures to post and really nothing too exciting to write about. Sooooo, I will just do a recap of the past couple of days.

I am super excited because my mom just bought an embroidery machine and I was able to take a class on it with her this past Sunday. Watch out people...everything is going to be monogrammed soon! I can't wait to make some cute things for the kids! She also has a pleater (sp?) to do some smocking. That is the next class we will take.

Yesterday Lance had the day off of work so we did all kinds of fun things... In the morning we had our vitals checked for our life insurance. After that we headed to take Lance's car to get the oil changed and then out to breakfast. While Lance got his haircut I took the two little monkeys to Target to grocery shop. See, I told you it was a fun day!

Oh yeah...Sam turned 10 weeks old yesterday!! Wow!

Reese had school this morning. She seriously loves going! I know I say that all of the time but she does and I am so glad! I spent all morning trying to track down Sam's social security card because we still have not received it in the mail. Talk about a pain in the butt! The automated recording for the social security office is HORRIBLE! It actually hangs up on you if all of the operators are busy! After naps we went to the park to enjoy this beautiful day. I got in a great walk and then Reese got to run around and play. Tonight Justin stopped by on his way through Atlanta and ate dinner with us. It was a nice but quick visit.

Today Reese is officially 2.5 years old! Really, wow!

Reese was telling me about school during lunch and she said her friend "Kaden got a haircut just like my friend, Daddy". She always calls family members friends. Too funny!

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