Monday, February 8, 2010

New Pictures

I finally got my external hard drive hooked up to Lance's computer so that I could put some new pictures on here.

Sam is doing such a great job holding his head up. Tummy time doesn't last too long though!

Ta-da! I finally bought Reese an outfit to wear to gymnastics. It is nothing fancy and I bought it at Target but she LOVES it! I am pretty sure it made her participation in gymnastics a lot better.

Reese and I made some fun new crayons the other day.

We broke up a bunch of old crayons and put them in the silicon butterfly cups.

And just because he is so stinking cute...

1 comment:

Carrie Beth said...

That is such a neat idea about the crayons. I might have to try that!

Sam is such a cutie!