Thursday, February 11, 2010


Translation: "What did you say?"

Usage: Reese uses this term after EVERY thing I say. Seriously! Sometimes it makes me think she needs to have her ears checked.

The other day it was really bugging me (almost as much as "Maaammmeee-a"). Then I realized that I ask her what she said a lot! It is hard to understand some things so I will ask, "What did you say?" and she will repeat herself. Maybe she now thinks this is part of every conversation. I don't know?!?! The other day she asked "whayousay?" so I repeated myself very slowly and probably louder. She responded with, "Mommy, you can't talk to me hateful! You have to talk sweeter." LOL! I apparently say this to her too. So, I guess the answer is, no she doesn't need her ears checked. She hears just fine...she just doesn't always listen!!


Justin and Kristin said...

Oh no! I guess this is something that I have to look forward to! Reese is teaching me so much!

Anonymous said...

Gigi would say she gets that from her Granddaddy!!