Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Three Months

I can't believe our little man is already three months old! Time is flying by.

Here are some things he is doing:
*Holds his head up well.
*Loves to look at his hands and other peoples hands. He could stare at my hand forever if I let him.
*Is reaching for toys hanging in front of him.
*Is such a flirt. He smiles all the time.
*Loves Reese. When he hears her talking you can see his eyes get big and he is thinking "Where is she? Where is she?"
*Sleeping well. He usually wakes up in the 3 o'clock hour to eat and falls right back to sleep.

He won't go back to the doctor until four months for a well visit. We will see how big he is then. I think babies are supposed to double their weight by four months (or maybe I made that up in my head). If that is the case, he should weight about 15 pounds.

And just because I LOVE this picture I had to post it again!! He is so cute!!!

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Kiera said...

Happy 3 month Birthday to Sam!!!