Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This and That

While my computer is working, Reese is at school, and Sam is sleeping I figured I would do a quick post.

Yesterday Sam turned 12 weeks old!!

I was trying to get a picture of him smiling. This was the best I could do. Every time the orange light would flash he would stop smiling.

Sam's toes pushed through his blanket while he was napping. I thought it was cute...I know...what a Mom thing to think!

Reese wanted to watch TV in her Princess tent yesterday...

For some reason she wanted it upside down...

Her Daddy's daughter...Reese's favorite thing to do is "watch the Princesses get dressed" on Disney.com. She has learned how to use the mouse pad on Lance's laptop by herself so now we don't have to do it for her. It is amazing how quickly she picks up on things. She is so smart!!

Reese has been learning so much in school this year!! Some good things, some bad things. She has learned a bunch of new songs, how to count and her colors in Spanish, how to be a friend and to play with friends, and so many other fun things. However, she has picked up on some bad things too! A new thing we have caught her saying is "I hate you". She doesn't know what it means or even how to use it correctly but we are still trying to stop it now! I know there are many other bad habits she is going to learn and pick up on at school in the future. I just hope we know how to handle them correctly when the time comes!


Anonymous said...

AWW! Sam and I have matching toes! Not "matching toes" as Reese used to say, but matching toes in that they are so long! I think that is a cute picture, too.

Aunt Becky

Anonymous said...

You and Lance will figure it out as stuff arises. You are great parents. A lot of things are practical and they will just come to you at the time. Others more difficult. Prayer and patience are assets. Most of it is in the Bible. Handle things through training BEFORE they become a big issue. Y'all will do just fine.
Love, Dad