Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Reese had her preschool show yesterday.  Remember a while back when she was singing “L-O-V-E, love” for us?

5-4-10 001

We finally got to see (and hear) the whole song! 

5-4-10 022

Watching preschoolers sing is one of the cutest things. 

5-4-10 037

There are so many kids doing so many different things. 

5-4-10 043

Some are looking around, some are waving, some are singing, some are sitting.  They are hilarious!

5-4-10 044

After the show, Reese’s class had an ice cream party.

5-4-10 051

5-4-10 062 

Reese was so excited to see everyone there for her show.

5-4-10 070

She had such a wonderful school year.   I can’t believe it is coming to an end. 

5-4-10 073

We were so blessed with such wonderful teachers.  They really made this year wonderful.  I know Reese is going to miss them so much!!

5-4-10 090

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