Tuesday, May 25, 2010

So Proud!

I am so proud of Reese right now. In August we started potty training. She pretty much immediately took to going #1 in the potty with a few accidents here and there. But #2 was a different story. We struggled and struggled with it. She would have accidents or just not go at all. She seriously could hold it for weeks at a time. We tried all kinds of bribes. The winner for a while was popsicles in the bathtub (since it was winter time). "Pock-a-siples", as she calls them, are still a great motivator for her to go #2. After a really trying time I promised her Chuck-E-Cheese if she would just go! That was such an exciting day for her!! A few days later we had a couple of setbacks.

But then over night she started going! Alone! She would call my name and say, "Mom, I went poop!" I thought it was a fluke. But she was really doing it. I don't know what happened in her mind but she finally got it! What a relief! Now she is occasionally going to the bathroom all by herself. She will do the whole routine...potty, wipe, flush, hands wash...all by herself. Sometimes she still wants me to help her but I think that is just for attention. I am so very proud of how far we have come. It was such a hard time having a newborn and potty training. But here we are six months later and she is like a whole new child!

I am a proud mommy!!!