Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dora Day

This morning we went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens for story time with our friends Kiera and Mary.  The special guest story teller was DORA!!  Reese has been scared of people dressed up in costumes lately so I was a little worried about how she would react to Dora.  On our way down I talked to her about how she didn’t need to be scared of people dressed up in costume but if she was scared it was ok.  She could just look away, not talk to them, or hang out by me.  She didn’t have to cry, etc. 

No need to worry though!  Look how cute this Dora was. 

5-19-10 027

Reese was so excited to see her.  Dora read about five or so books (I wasn’t really paying attention because I was trying to keep Sam quiet).  Reese smiled and interacted the whole time. 
5-19-10 032

This was Reese’s view of Dora.
5-19-10 033

After the stories were done they let the kids say hello to Dora and have their picture made with her.  At first Reese said she didn’t want to see Dora but luckily Kiera was already in line with Mary when Reese changed her mind. 

Reese immediately gave her a hug and had the biggest smile on her face. 
5-19-10 034

5-19-10 035

Mary wasn’t so sure about Dora so Reese tried to show Mary that Dora wasn’t so bad by sneaking back up there to see her again.  When we were walking away she said she wanted to see Dora again. 
5-19-10 036

After the fun story time we headed over to the Children’s Garden.  We stopped at a few water fountains on the way.
5-19-10 038

The children’s area was cute!  There were some fun things for them to do.  There were slides, tunnels, gardens, ponds, and so much more for them to see.  It was a little too crowded to be pushing a double stroller so next time I will just carry Sam in the front carrier.  Reese is behind the waterfall here.   
5-19-10 039

Reese and Mary’s favorite thing to do was play in the water!  Unfortunately we didn’t know about this ahead of time because we would have brought their swim suits.  There were a bunch of kids whose moms were prepared.  We let the girls play in it anyways.  At first Reese didn’t want to take her shoes off. 
5-19-10 042

But once they were nice and soaked she decided it would be more fun with out shoes.  She was having so much fun jumping in the puddles.
5-19-10 044

I wish I got a picture of Mary because she was in there with just her bloomers on and was soaked.  She was running in and out of the water that was shooting up from the ground and the water falling from overhead.  She had a blast!
5-19-10 045

Luckily I had a change of clothes for Reese in the car.  We will definitely be playing in the fountains at Centennial Park this summer!

When we got home I realized I hadn’t taken a single picture of Sam so I was snapping some when Reese joined in.  I love this picture!

On the way down I had this conversation with Reese:
Reese: Mommy, tell Sammy to lean back.
Me: Why?
Reese: Cause he is looking at me!

On the way home we had this conversation:
Reese: Stop Sammy!  Mommy, tell Sammy to stop.
Me: Stop what?
Reese: Touching me!
Me: Well, if you would take your foot out of his face he wouldn’t be able to touch you!

Oh the backseat wars!  I remember those well.  I didn’t think they would start so early with my kids!!

We had a great morning and I am so glad we were able to try something new today.  It was definitely what this group of three needed this week.  It has been a rough couple of days.  I think Reese is really missing school and her time away from us!  Hopefully if I can keep things fresh and new so that she will not get too bored with us!

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Carrie Beth said...

What a fun day! I had no idea they had story tellers at the gardens? Is that every Tuesday. I'll definitely have to look into it because I know Handley would love that too.