Monday, July 26, 2010

Jumpy Fun

Last night we finally got to enjoy the jumpy…in the shade…with no rain…and a slight breeze.

7-26-10 001

Some of our friends from the neighborhood came over to play too.  Emma, Reese’s friend, is three months younger than her.  We met them at the pool when the girls were just babies.

7-26-10 013

There was a slide on the jumpy.  Reese loved it but it took Emma a little while to warm up to the slide.  She finally did it and loved it…but then it was time to put the jumpy away.

7-26-10 015

The daddies worked hard taking down the jumpy.

7-26-10 017

While the girls took a popsicle break under the tent.  It was soooo hot still! 

7-26-10 019

Sam enjoyed just being outside with everyone and watching the girls occasionally.

7-26-10 022

The jumpy was a beast! 

7-26-10 023

It took a lot of hard work to take it down and roll it up.

7-26-10 024

And then it took all four adults to put it in the truck.

7-26-10 026

I am so glad the girls got to play in it for at least a little while.  They had so much fun!

Ok…the parents had a lot of fun in it too!!

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Amy Aaron said...

Renee, that top picture of Sam is the spitting image of you! Hope you and Reese had a great birthday!