Wednesday, July 14, 2010

3 Year Check-up

Today Reese had her three year old check up.  It is crazy that she is already almost three!!!  Yikes!  The doctor was happy with how she is growing, communicating, and everything else. 

While we were waiting she had fun playing in the “crazy mirror”.  She thought it was so funny to see her head get big, small, long, etc.


This was the first time they offered her a gown to put on.  She said she didn’t want to wear it but I wanted her to at least try it on.  She had it on for about as long as it took to take this picture.  She said it hurt her.  Haha!  I thought it was soooo cute!


I scheduled Sam’s monthly vaccine for today too.  I didn’t know if Reese would be getting a vaccine or not.  When the doctor said she had one that was needed Reese was not happy.  I gave her the option of going first or letting Sam go first.  Big mistake!  I should have had her go first because as soon as Sam started crying she lost it!  It was horrible!  And she is not a quiet crier!!!  I am pretty sure she must have freaked out every kid that was waiting around.  It was so stressful trying to get Sam calmed down and then get Reese on the table.  I do not think I will EVER do that again!! 

Reese is 38 inches tall (79%) and 36.8 pounds (93%). She has grown just over three inches and gained four pounds since her second birthday.  

Sam weighed 18 pounds, 10 ounces today (I think!).

I feel so very blessed to have such healthy and happy babies!  Every time I look at them I can’t believe they are mine!!  

After the doctors office we went to Target to try on shoes!  That makes all girls feel better!!


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bethy said...

That is so funny! I took my two kiddos to the Dr yesterday. Chloe was the only one with the appt for her three year check up. Her bday is 06/23 and her stats are 34lbs and 39 1/2 in. We did not have any shots. I could have danced out of the office I was so relieved! I agree, SO thankful for healthy kids! I just love your blog!