Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fun Weekend!!

Lance has been out of town for the weekend.  The kids and I decided to go out to my parents house Saturday night and spend the night there.  We just hung around the house Saturday night.  Sunday morning I ran a few errands for Reese’s birthday.  Around lunch time we headed to the pool with Becca.  We had fun!  After the pool we went home and I put Sam down for a nap.  While Sam was napping all the girls went to the nail salon.  There is a salon that has kid size spa chairs so I wanted Reese to get to go!!

Reese was a little nervous at first.  She didn’t know what to think. 
7-18-10 019

But she quickly warmed up to being pampered.

She kept a smile on her face most of the time.  Especially once she saw how cute her nails were looking.
7-18-10 024


It was the cutest thing I have ever seen.  Her little feet just dangled in the warm water.
7-18-10 020 

She sat so still and didn’t mess up a single nail.  She loved the “fireworks” on her big toes.
7-18-10 026

As soon as she was done she wanted to get up so she went and sat with Aunt Becky while her toes dried.
7-18-10 028

We went to eat Mexican for dinner afterwards.
7-18-10 030

7-18-10 032

Becca told our waiter it was Reese’s birthday.  They came to sing to her and she did NOT like it.  As soon as they walked away she started crying.  I just laughed.  She was soooo tired so I was not surprised at her reaction.
7-18-10 035

We had a long, busy, and fun weekend!!  Reese was asleep with in five minutes of us being on the road.  Tomorrow is the sweet girls birthday!!!!


Justin and Kristin said...

Happy Birthday, Reese! We can't wait to see you Saturday!

Anonymous said...

I understand Sam had a GREAT babysitter while he took his nap and you girls were out being girlie. Go granddaddy--- go granddaddy!!