Monday, July 12, 2010

Picture Taking

Trying to get a good picture of the kids is not easy.  When Reese was a baby I took pictures of her every day…seriously…so I usually got a good picture or two to share.  With Sam I at least try to get a picture of him each month.  Ha!  Poor guy!  So on his month birthdays I sit him down for some pictures.  Here is how it goes…

I get him set up.
7-9-10 002

Shoot a couple of pictures.
7-9-10 003

I decide to move the pillow behind him.  And he starts to get bored.
7-9-10 005

Reese always wants to jump in. Apparently Sam doesn’t like to share the spotlight. 
7-9-10 010

I decide that maybe I can get a better shot once he has clothes on instead of pajamas. 
This picture looks like I photoshoped his head on.
7-9-10 013

Really?  You are still taking pictures.
7-9-10 016

You are blinding me.
7-9-10 017

Fine…I will just be silly.
7-9-10 018

Mom, I am done.
7-9-10 019

Seriously, I am out of here!
7-9-10 020

There is the life of a photographing mom.