Monday, July 19, 2010

Her Birthday

What a day we have had!  It has been packed full of fun!

7-19-10 001 

Reese has been talking about chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles for weeks so I made some for her the night before.

7-19-10 002

Since Lance was out of town I let Reese have a “sleepover” in my room on her birthday eve.  She had the best night of sleep she has ever had and woke up with a smile on her face.

7-19-10 003

Even though we bought the playset for Reese’s birthday I could not let her birthday go by with no gifts.  So, I had a bucket of presents sitting on my nightstand for her when she woke up.  It was a Dora bucket with a squishy ball, a princess pen, stickers, and some knock-off Silly Bandz (these were called Character Bands in the shape of Disney Princesses).

7-19-10 005

She also got two Barbie Dolls once she got downstairs.  She loved the Barbie Dolls and played with them most of the day.

7-19-10 009

For breakfast she wanted a cupcake so I let her have one.  I figured that wasn’t any worse than a doughnut!

7-19-10 012

After breakfast we went to a spray park in Roswell.  We took our lunch with us and I took the cupcakes so we could celebrate Reese’s birthday with her friends.

7-19-10 020

Sam had his own little water spout just his size to play with.  He loves to play with the water coming out of the faucet in the bathtub so this was perfect for him!

7-19-10 025

It took Reese a little while to warm up but once she did she had a blast!

7-19-10 027

Reese’s friends Maddy and Mary went with us.  They had such a great time!!

7-19-10 029

7-19-10 016

7-19-10 034

7-19-10 041

After nap time we headed to Chuck E. Cheese for dinner.  We invited a couple of friends Reese’s age to go with us.  The girls had such a great time playing together!  They each road the carousel a dozen times.  It was so funny to watch them.  Each time they finished a game or ride they would run back to the table for another token.

7-19-10 060

7-19-10 062

7-19-10 068

7-19-10 070

Reese had such a wonderful day with her friends!  I am so glad she was able to celebrate her special day this way!

Thank you to all of her friends who were there to play with her today.

Reese got to stay up late to wait for Daddy to get home.  He got home around 8:30 and then gave her a couple more gifts.  She was so happy to see him and tell him all about her day. 

What a fun, fun day!

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