Sunday, May 1, 2011

March for Babies 2011

Yesterday we walked in the March for Babies walk.  It was such a beautiful morning!! 

5-1-11 007

The kids were so good the whole entire walk.  And it was much longer than they are usually in the stroller.  The walk was 5.5 miles around downtown Atlanta.  It started at the World Congress Center this year (in the past it has started in Centennial Park).  Right past the start line there were a couple of cheerleader cheering the walkers on.  Reese wanted to have her picture taken with them so we made a quick pit stop.  She was so excited to see them.

5-1-11 006

5-1-11 005

After the walk was over there were several kids activities.  Sam enjoyed dancing it the grass and chasing these huge balloons that were tied down.

5-1-11 003

Reese jumped in the bounce houses and became a balloon butterfly.

5-1-11 002

After the walk we went to Ikea.  We were there for over an hour and I was so proud of how well the kids did.  It was lunch time but I really wanted to grab a few things for the house.  After we ran through there we stopped and grabbed some McDonald’s for lunch.  Sam was so tired he didn’t even make it through eating his lunch before he fell asleep.

5-1-11 001

We put them down for a nap as soon as we got home and they both took great naps.  While the kids napped, Lance and I laid around 35 bales of pine straw down on our hill.  By bedtime we were all ready for bed.  It was such a good and sweet day with my sweet little family.

Thank you to everyone who donated money to our walk.


AA said...

Is that the City Mini double stroller? We registered for the single stroller because we loved it so much in the store and we can't wait to get it and try it out for ourselves. Looks like a fun day for the whole family :)

Bryan said...

I wonder if when Sam woke up, he immediately picked up where he left off on that chicken nugget?? Hilarious! -Bryan