Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Catching Up

It has been crazy busy around here. I don’t know how I let a week slip by with out an update though. So here is a quick catch-up of what we have been doing. However, I don’t have many pictures for much of an update.

Last Thursday Reese had her Thanksgiving Feast at school. Sam and I were able to join her but she kept acting like she didn’t want me talking to her. At one point I leaned down to ask her a question and she said, “Mommy, I am trying to push you away.” WHAT? Are you a teenager already??

11-23-11 001

After their feast the kids fell right in to their normal routine while the mommies chatted. This is Reese and her BFF singing “Jesus, You’re My Super Hero”. They were so silly!

11-23-11 004

Friday Reese did crafts before ballet. She saw a cute little frame idea in her High Five magazine that she wanted to do. She did fingerprints along the frame and then I connected them with a green marker to make it look like a string of lights. It turned out really cute!

11-23-11 011

Saturday evening we went to some friends house to eat dinner and make s’mores. It was a beautiful evening.

11-23-11 012

Reese had a lot of fun hanging out with Maddie.

11-23-11 015

Cute little Joci!

11-23-11 017

And, of course, Sam eating his s’mores.

11-23-11 021

Sunday was church and then Reese and Lance had a lunch date. They also went Christmas shopping for me. Reese promptly told me what they bought the second she got home. Ha! So much for surprises. Lance took out all of the Christmas decorations and we started decorating. While he was in the attic he grabbed our wedding video because Reese has been begging to watch it.

Monday she finally got to watch it. She was enamored. She loved every minute and had lots of questions. Her favorite part was seeing her cute ten year old cousin as our ring bearer when he was only 3.5 years old. He really was precious!

11-23-11 023

Tuesday we had a playdate with our friends and had a great time visiting.

Today we got several errands taken care of, Reese had a friend over, and I got a lot of things done around the house.

We are looking forward to Thanksgiving tomorrow and the exciting week we have coming up.

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