Thursday, November 3, 2011

Writing Letters

The other day I saw a link on Pinterest where you could write a letter to a Princess or character at Disney and they will send you back a personalized autographed picture. When I told Reese about it, she was so excited!

10-28-11 001

I asked her what she wanted her letter to say and I wrote it down as she spoke (I adlibbed a little). Then I gave her the letter to copy on to her own paper in her own writing. The biggest problem we had was that she kept losing her place and we would have to start over. So I eventually just told her each letter to write. That was much less stressful!

10-28-11 002

I wrote a letter to Mickey from Sam. I can’t wait to see how excited they are when we receive a letter back.

10-28-11 003

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