Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sam’s Two Year Well Visit

Tuesday I took Sam to the doctor for his two year well visit. He has definitely done some growing since his 18 months visit. They said he is 35” tall which means he grew three inches in six months. His head was 19” around. He weighed 28.2 pounds which means he gained around three pounds. I didn’t get percentages because the nurse forgot to bring them back to me and I didn’t feel like waiting around to ask her again. He also received one vaccine. No fun! And he passed the hearing test.

11-12-11 115

Currently, Sam’s favorite thing to say to me is “Be nice, Mommy!” Hmmm…he must hear that a lot. Whenever we are in the car and stopped behind another car he will yell out, “Move car!” or “’Mon car!”. He must hear that a lot too! He is doing a lot more talking. It is so cute to hear! He will repeat pretty much anything we say. He also can say through D in the ABC’s and then can fill in other letters as we go through the whole song. One of his favorite things to do in the car is count the buses that pass us on our way to the gym. He always says two and five.

11-12-11 090

He plays completely independently. Very rarely does he ask us to play with him. If he does ask, it is usually by pulling Lance by the hand towards the trains and saying, “’Mon Daddy, train”. He and Reese play very well together which leads to the occasional fight. He likes to do whatever his big sister is doing and likes to have what she has. He is very much so a boy…he likes to sword fight, play with cars, trains, balls, and loves to run, wrestle, and tackle. His kisses are sweet and seeing him pray is even sweeter!

He has all of his teeth. The last of the two-year molars are about half way grown. Thank goodness for not having to cut anymore teeth for a while. He is going through a small bit of separation anxiety again. I never known when he is going to cry when I leave. It seems to be just random right now. Some Sundays he cries going in to his class, some times he cries when we leave him with the babysitter, and other times he is happy as can be. I am definitely not worried about any of it!


I really can’t believe our little man is already two! Time seems to be going at warp speed right now and we are just along for this fun and exciting ride!

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Bryan said...

Wow, good lookin' kid! I was just thinking earlier today about going back and watching those "Da Da Deese" videos. Classic.