Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pajama Party

Today we celebrated Sam’s birthday with a pajama party and several of our friends. All the kids came over in their pajamas and I served breakfast. It was so fun to start the day this way and the kids just played and played.

11-9-11 058

Reese was very excited about the fact that everyone was going to still be in their pajamas and was very curious about what their pajamas would look like. Sam was just excited!

11-9-11 060

Of course we had cupcakes to celebrate the little man too. How fun to eat cupcakes at 10:45 in the morning!

11-9-11 056

He was so cute all day long. Every time some one called to wish him a happy birthday he was very gracious on the phone and chatted with each person.

11-9-11 062

Reese was so sweet with him all day and was happy to celebrate her little bubba. Even during a pajama party she had to bust out the dress-up clothes.

11-9-11 064

All the pajama clad monkeys seemed to enjoy themselves and the cupcakes!

11-9-11 065

11-9-11 066

11-9-11 067

And Sam enjoyed opening his presents. He looked like such a big kid wearing this precious Thomas back pack. Slow down little man, Mommy is not ready for your back pack days!

11-9-11 068

Happy birthday to the sweetest and cutest little guy I know!! We love you so much!


AA said...

What a fantastic and creative party idea. I love the pajamas and breakfast!!!

Courtney said...

this is SUCH a cute idea! happy happy birthday Sam!! :)

stevenjared0853 said...

Kids love doing pajama parties and when it comes to throw it on weekends then it becomes more special and fun-loving. I’ve loved the dress Sam wearing. He’s looking super cute and excited too. Well last week I attended my friend’s daughter’s birthday party at one of the best Chicago event venues and she chose the same theme.