Monday, November 14, 2011

Christmas Pictures

While at my parents house for Sam’s birthday we took the opportunity to get some Christmas card pictures made. My parents were making lunch so Leah, Susan, and Becca went with us to snap some pictures. We had great success! I am going to keep the pictures we got for our Christmas cards a secret for now but here are some of the other ones we got.

Scouting out a location…

11-12-11 046

Posing with Aunt Becky

11-12-11 066

Daddy and his mini-me

11-12-11 071

Sweet boy!

11-12-11 088

Sisters…I LOVE this pictures!

11-12-11 101

What was actually happening “backstage” while the camera was close up.

11-12-11 104

They are so silly together.

11-12-11 109

And she is just silly too!

11-12-11 112

Thanks girls for all your help in getting some great pictures today!

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Jenny said...

cute pics Renee, can't wait to see the actual Christmas pic! You have the best camera, they look professional!