Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Anniversary Celebration

Last Sunday was our seventh anniversary so we decided to take a little get-away. Over this past weekend Lance and I went to Savannah. It was a nice little vacation but not too many pictures were taken.

2-28-2012 005

We drove down Friday morning and arrived around lunch time. We checked in to our hotel and then headed out for a bite to eat. We stayed at the Hyatt on River Street. (If we had to choose all over again, I don’t think we would stay there. Our room overlooked River Street and the river…it was loud all night. We didn’t sleep well with all the noise. After touring around the city, I think I would choose to stay in a cute little bed and breakfast type of place. There were tons of those.) After lunch we walked down River Street and checked everything out. About the time we got to the end of the street it started thundering so we headed back to the hotel. The second we walked in to our room it started hailing so we were happy for some down time in the safety of our room. After the storm passed we walked a few blocks away to just to see what was around, eat some ice cream at Leopold’s, and then headed back to River Street for dinner.

2-28-2012 019

During our walk around we found a little breakfast place we wanted to eat at so Saturday morning we headed out to eat at Goose Feathers. After breakfast we did a trolley tour of the city. I have been to Savannah several times growing up because my Dad’s family is from there. However, I have never done the tourist stuff. We decided to get on and off the trolley and check out a few of the old houses. We visited the Juliette Gordon Low house (founder of Girl Scouts) and then the Owen-Thomas house (I think that was the name).

2-28-2012 020

No pictures were allowed inside the houses so we only have pictures from the outside. The houses were so different from each other.

2-28-2012 029

I actually don’t remember this house looking so run down from the outside when we were walking through the garden. Funny how different this picture makes it look. I liked the JGL house much more!

2-28-2012 035

After the trolley tour we decided to forego the museum tickets we had and walked around a bit. We then headed back to our room to take a little nap. That evening we ate dinner at The Olde Pink House. It was, by far, our best meal of the whole weekend. The food was amazing, the atmosphere was nice, and the service was wonderful. I wish we had taken our camera so that we could have had our picture taken together. We did not get one single picture of us together the whole time.

2-28-2012 015

Sunday morning we woke up to head home. We had a nice and relaxing weekend and the kids had a blast with Gigi, Granddaddy, and Aunt Becky. I don’t even think they noticed we were gone.


Kiera said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Sounds like a great weekend!

AA said...

Sounds like a great vacation; and beautiful pic of you at the end! We also have the same trouble with photos - it's impossible to get everyone in the same shot unless you bring a photographer (aka my sister) along :)

Justin and Kristin said...

Yay! Please remind me of the hotel you didn't care for so Justin and I can take note. Can you believe it has been seven year? (well on the 19th) I can! I look up to you momma! Love you lots!

Jenny said...

I feel like I didn't get to talk to you too much about it this morning! Its always nice to get a little time away, happy anniversary!