Sunday, February 12, 2012


Lance was in Miami all last week (Sunday afternoon to late Friday night). Before he left we were telling the kids where he was going. Later, Reese would ask him questions about "Your Ami". She couldn't understand that it wasn't "My Ami". On Sunday night when I put Sam to bed he asked if Lance would be home late and I told him that he was in Miami. He then said, "No, Daddy's Ami!". They were cracking me up!!

While Lance was gone we kept busy and the week flew by. We went to the park every day after naps except for Wednesday. Wednesday the kids played at my grandparents while I went to a funeral nearby their house. They had a blast there and did not want to leave. I think they spent most of their time playing in the big camper...they even had a picnic in there. I am positive my grandparents slept well that night.

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AA said...

Hahaha - "your-ami" - too funny!