Sunday, February 5, 2012

Daddy/Daughter Date Night

Last night Chick-fil-A held their annual Daddy/Daughter date night. Last year we missed a chance to get reservations so I was sure to do it early this year. Reese and Lance were both so excited to have this special time together. Reese even wore her favorite dress for their date.

2-5-2012 004

Sam and I decided to go shopping and then to Moe’s for dinner. So I guess we had a date night too. Just not as planned and organized. When Sam and I sat down to eat I checked my phone and there was a text from Lance saying, “No Chick-fil-A”.

photo 1

I immediately asked why and apparently the Chick-fil-A cow was inside the restaurant and Reese was having none of that. She just can’t stand anything dressed up. I didn’t even think about them possibly having the cow there.

2-5-2012 009

So instead they went to Mellow Mushroom for pizza and still got to have a date night out.

2-5-2012 002

After we all finished our meals we met up at a yogurt shop for dessert. Everybody seemed to enjoy their night out. I am so thankful that we were all able to do this.

photo 2

I had a great time with my little man and Lance had a great time with Reese!

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