Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Beautiful Day

What a beautiful day it was today! After naps we headed to the tennis courts in the neighborhood to ride bikes/scooters/battery-operated-toy. When we got there and some people had their dogs playing on the courts so we just rode around in the parking lot.

2-21-2012 005

After playing in the parking lot we played on the playground for a little bit and then finally the dogs were gone so we took over the tennis courts. On the tennis court the kids wanted to throw tennis balls and run more than ride their toys. We also did a little ballet with Reese.

2-21-2012 007

After playing outside we came home and the kids painted in the garage.

2-21-2012 019

They both really enjoyed that time. They painted for about 30 minutes.

2-21-2012 020

Is it sad to say that I am loving this mild winter? Being outside is the best when it is so beautiful!

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Jenny said...

What, Reese didn't want to play with the dogs?? :) Cute, I'm sad to say we didn't get out much today to enjoy it!