Monday, February 20, 2012

A Day in the Life of..

Reese had the day off of school today. It was nice to just take it easy getting up this morning. We were able to sit at the table and eat breakfast instead of grabbing it as we were running out of the door. The last two days both kids have woken up early and said they were hungry. This morning we sat to eat at the table and the sun was right in Sam’s eyes. It was so funny to see him try to duck and get out of the sunlight. I eventually figured out that if I opened the door to the bathroom it blocked the sun. He was then able to enjoy his breakfast.

photo 1

After breakfast we got ready for a playdate. Before we were leaving the kids were playing and grabbed some spoons to try to hang from their noses.

photo 2

The kids had a blast playing with their friends this morning.  They played great together and I know they had a lot of fun.

photo 3

Tonight after dinner Lance had a project to take care of. This morning I took a shower and the water would not warm up. I usually take a HOT shower so it was miserable. Lance, being the smarty that he his, figured out how to fix the water heater. I will be so grateful tomorrow…and so will the kids.

photo 4

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Bryan said...

Lance is a good guy to have around!