Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fourth of July part two

Yesterday was a nice day. We took it slow getting up in the morning. Everyone was kind of lazy and definitely tired from going to bed so late.

Once we were finally up we took some lunch over to our friends house. These girls have always been Reese's favorite girls but now Sam has taken to them as well. We were at their house for a little over two hours and we rarely saw either of our kids. They have so much fun with the big girls and the big girls are so great with them. I can't wait until they are old enough to babysit.

After leaving their house we came home for much needed naps. I actually had to wake Sam up from his nap three hours in because I thought he was going to sleep all night. We ate dinner and then had some late night fun. At 7:00 (when we usually start settling down for the night) we headed out to the pool with some friends. The kids played hard in the pool for a couple of hours. Once it was dark they were able to watch some fun fireworks from the pool. We also released some flying lanterns. They were really fun to see and everybody enjoyed them...little kids, teenagers, and parents alike.

It was a fun way to wrap up the fourth! We are so blessed to be Americans!!

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