Monday, July 30, 2012

27 weeks

Some books say this is the start of the third trimester and some say next week is the start. Who knows? I guess it doesn’t matter…we still have 13 weeks to go no matter what.

A funny thing that I have noticed is that everyone wants to know “what we are having”. And then everyone has an opinion. While we were at the beach we went shopping. I stopped in a maternity store and the lady said, “You must be having a girl because you are carrying that baby high!”. I just laughed and told her we didn’t know. The very next day we were at the pool and a lady said, “You are having a boy. You are carrying that baby low and that is how I looked when I had my son.”. What is funny is that I carried both Reese and Sam the exact same way. And so far this one is falling in line. I don’t know if I am “carrying high or low”. I also have NO idea what I think the sex of this baby is! Lance and Sam say boy. Reese said girl early on and then later said, “I want the baby to be a girl but my brain is telling me it is a boy.”…ha! I guess we will know for sure in 13 weeks! But for now, I have added a poll to the sidebar. Do you think Baby Gummy Bear is a boy or a girl?

At 27 weeks, we still do not have names. I thought we were starting to agree but then Lance seems to have backed out again. This seems to be another common theme in our pregnancies. Lance has a very strong opinion on the boy names but is indifferent when it comes to the girl names. So, if you feel the need to have some input, give us some names in the comments. Leave it as an anonymous comment though! Thanks!

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AA said...

I want to give a name suggestion but you guys did such a great job with picking the first two I'm sure you'll come up with something great for number three. One thought though, how about a "T" name? Since you have "R" and "S" names, just keep on going ...