Thursday, July 12, 2012

War Paint

This week Reese has been in VBS so it has just been me and Sam each morning. It has been a crazy week.

The first two days were spent in places where Sam had to be well behaved for the two plus hours we were there. He was so amazing! I really was so proud of how well he did each day. Yesterday was spent running errands the whole morning. This morning I was able to finish the errands we had by 9:30 and decided we would just come home and relax.

Sam is relaxing in front of the TV while I do laundry. One of his favorite things to do right now is bring me the sunscreen and wants to put on his war paint. So while relaxing he is preparing for war! He is silly but oh so sweet!!!

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Priscilla said...

Cute! Making memories . . .