Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth of July

Last night we celebrated an early 4th of July with some fireworks. As we were about to leave the house, it started storming. We decided to go eat some dinner while waiting out the rain at a Mexican restaurant. It finally stopped raining so we headed out for some fun. Don't mind these crazy kids...They only want to be silly in pictures.

Reese's two BFFs were there too. They were precious together. One of the girls is a huge Power Ranger fan. Reese didn't even know what these were until this friend introduced them. They were playing with some PR figurines. Notice Reese is using her PR as lipstick while the other two girls play with them.

The kids all wanted to jump in the bounce house and get there hair spray painted. Again, how silly can they be?

It was finally time for the fireworks and the kids were SO excited. They were more fun to watch than the fireworks.

Even though it doesn't look like it Sam enjoyed them too. We were sitting super close to where they were being lit.

Happy Fourth of July!!

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