Monday, October 15, 2012

38 weeks

Two weeks to go. I can’t believe we are getting that close. We had a busy and fun weekend and I think that caused some contractions yesterday. I don’t think they were anything life changing yet though. Today I haven’t had any. Other than being tired today, I feel good. I am ready to get this show going.


Yesterday we rearranged the car seats to see how they all fit best. We have a huge minivan and I am still so surprised at how much room the infant carrier takes up. The picture below is the final set up. We only have the base in for the baby for now and will put the carrier in when it is time.



Carrie Beth said...

You look so great...looks like a littie basketball under your shirt. :-)

jennkate said...
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jennkate said...

Geeez, you give a woman some inspiration!! A little belly and nothing else and on your THIRD!!! Awesome!! You look great!