Thursday, October 25, 2012

It’s Getting Real

My sweet little Godson, Owen, is a big brother! Yesterday I made a quick trip to the hospital to visit his new little sister. I am so excited for their family. Emmerson was beautiful and perfect. Visiting them in the hospital made everything about the end of my pregnancy suddenly become very real. Knowing that we will be there some time in the next week or so was just crazy. I am so glad I went 1) to visit but 2) it reminded me of everything that is about to happen and got me a little more ready. And a little more anxious!

When I first got there, sweet little girl was sleeping like an angel. It is soooo easy to forget how tiny newborns are! I just stared at her in the bassinet. She was so peaceful looking.

photo 1

After I was done staring at her, I picked her up and rocked with her for a while. During that time BGB was kicking her in the back as if to say “That’s my mommy out there”. I was hoping it would entice BGB to come on out.

photo 2

Right before I was about to leave, Owen’s grandparents brought him to visit. He was not sure what to think about me holding his baby. They said he has been so sweet with her and asks to hold “my baby” when he comes to visit. He doesn’t look very excited in this picture but all of the pictures I saw of him with her look the exact same. I think he is just taking his role of big brother very seriously.

photo 3

I have three friends who were expecting their babies before BGB was due. Well, all of those babies have arrived and now suddenly it is my turn. It feels like this pregnancy has lasted forever but I can’t believe it is almost over. I am trying to enjoy these last few moments of kicks and squirms inside of me before there is a baby in my arms.

On Monday night when I told the kids Adrienne was about to have her baby, I asked them what they thought she was having (the sex was a surprise). Reese said girl, I said girl and Sam said boy. (Reminder: Sam has said we are having a boy from day one…) On Tuesday morning, I told them it was a girl. Reese cheered. Sam started crying and said, “I said a boy!”. Oh my! My mom and I have talked about how he will react if we end up having a girl after him saying it is a boy all of this time. Now I think I know…hopefully, if that is the case, he will get over it quickly.

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