Friday, October 19, 2012

Ten Day Countdown

Ten days until BGB's due date. However, I am not counting on an early or even on time arrival. This morning when I told Reese there were ten more days she got so excited. I think the kids can't wait. At my last appointment there was no progress towards this baby showing up. We will see though...it may want to have a November birthday like its brother and Daddy.

I was talking to several girlfriends recently about the things people say to you when you are pregnant. It is almost like people loose their filter and in my experience, people's favorite things to say are "You look like you are about to pop!" (even when you have ten weeks to go) or "Whoa! When are you due?" or "You're still pregnant?". However, in the last week two ladies have said the sweetest things. At the mall last weekend a lady who was pushing her little one in a stroller said, "You are so beautiful pregnant!". Yesterday at Target a lady said (as I was rushing to the bathroom), "You look so sweet!". I wanted to squeeze these two ladies but most importantly I want to remember these sweet comments and use them one day with another woman who is pregnant.

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