Thursday, October 11, 2012

Random iPhone Pictures

Our little sleep buddy. The last few nights we have been making promises of treats if Sam will stay in his own bed all night. I also kept him up from his nap both days to see if that helped. The first night he stayed in his bed the whole night. Around 5:30 he called my name from his bed and just wanted to be covered up. Last night he came in our room around 5:30 and I just pulled him in to bed with me (Lance was already up). Hopefully tonight will go about the same!

photo 1

Adrienne sent me this picture of our kids from when we visited their house last month. The kids had so much fun playing together and I thought this picture was so cute.

photo 2

Lance was giving the kids a bath the other day while I was getting ready to go somewhere. Reese comes running in to my room yelling, “Look at my mohawk, Mommy!”

photo 3

This is my view…

photo 4

Earlier this week, Sam and I met Kristin and Connor at CFA for lunch. The kids loved these hats they were giving out. It was a nice time visiting with them!

photo 5


Jenny said...

ahhh, I love the "view" pic! You are too funny, that's a keeper!

Carrie Beth said...

Love your view. So exciting to know that sweet baby will be here before you know it.

Thanks for the tip on the inhaler thing, too!