Friday, November 30, 2012

Celebrating Lance

Yesterday was Lance’s birthday. The kids were so excited for him to get home from work to celebrate with him. They hid from him when he got home and jumped out and yelled “Happy Birthday!” when he walked in the door. The first thing they wanted was for him to open his present.

11-30-12 052

For his actual birthday he only got a sweater. He had already bought himself a birthday gift a couple of weeks ago.

11-30-12 054

He had requested Chicken Pot Pie for his birthday dinner so I made that. However, it was my first time and I did something wrong. We ended up having Zaxby’s for dinner instead. Oops! I will have to try that again another time. I also made a cake for his birthday that I found on Pinterest. It was pretty good…and we have a ton left!

11-30-12 057

We appreciate all that you do, Daddy! We love you and hope you had a happy birthday!

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