Sunday, November 4, 2012

Our Sweet Baby-Day 1

After putting the kids to bed on Halloween night, Lance and I headed to bed too. With in minutes of getting in bed I noticed that my contractions felt more consistent and stronger. I decided to start timing them before I said anything to Lance. I didn’t want to say anything to him before I needed to. After timing them for a while I went to the bathroom, he was already asleep, and then came back in to our room and told him I thought I was in labor. We found a contractions timer online and saw that my contractions were 4-6 minutes apart. After timing them for an hour, I called the doctor on call. She was in a c-section so she didn’t call back for a while. During that time we packed up everything and straightened up a bit just in case she sent us in. She finally called back and was hesitant but said since it was my third to go ahead to the hospital. Later she said she didn’t really think I was in labor because I sounded so calm on the phone. I was probably calm because I didn’t think I was either. This was my first time actually going in to labor with any of my babies so I didn’t really know what to expect. After getting the go ahead, I called my neighbor first so that someone could sit with the kids until my sister could get out to my house. I had a hard time leaving with out telling the kids but I decided that was the best decision to make. It was just after midnight when we left. My contractions were getting more intense but still none that were overwhelming. We got all checked in and settled around 1:00 am.

11-4-12 033

This was the last picture that was taken before baby. I was five cm at this point. As in the past I don’t really remember much of what happened after this point until it was time to push. I know I got an epidural some time in here, was checked again at 9 cm, and then around 5:00 am the doctor came in for the first time and said it was time to go. She said we should have a baby out very soon. Well, two hours of pushing later we were getting nervous (and I was so tired). The baby was stuck on the bone because as we found out later he was sunny side up and I just couldn’t push enough to get him around the bone. She started threatening a c-section, had a surgeon team in the room ready to go, and NICU in there ready for anything. Basically I had a cheering team (they literally were cheering me on) watching everything happen. The baby’s heart rate kept dropping and the doctor was afraid the cord was around the neck too. Finally at 6:57 am, our little gummy bear made his way out. No one even said boy or girl because everyone was just relieved to see that baby! Finally I asked, “What is it?”. Lance’s job from the beginning was to announce the sex but even he was just caught up in knowing the baby was finally there. He looks down and said it was a boy! That is when I cried. I didn’t cry with either of the other kids but after the rough few hours we had I couldn’t hold it in. The nursery team quickly checked him out and he was perfect! And I finally got to meet our Baby Gummy Bear.

11-4-12 034

11-4-12 037

It was such a relief to hold him. The next thing I had to look forward to was telling Reese and Sam all about their little brother, Hayes. Right around the time Hayes was born it was time for the kids to wake up. Becca said that when Sam walked in to our room that morning he saw her and ran back to his bed. He didn’t know what to think and I don’t think he was excited to see her. She told them Baby Gummy Bear had been born but she couldn’t tell them anything else until they saw us. We made a last minute decision to let them both stay home from school so they could come to the hospital first thing that morning. I don’t think school could have handled them anyways after that crazy morning. We were finally settled in our recovery room around 10:00 and got to see the kids there. My mom said Reese kept begging them to tell her if it was a boy or girl but they didn’t give in. As they walked down the hall to our room, I could hear them singing, “I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it!”. It was too cute. Finally they made their way in and we told them. They were both excited but a little shocked. Reese immediately climbed up in the bed with me to see him. She was very emotional that morning. Her eyes were watery most of the time and she kept saying she just needed to blow her nose. For some reason she didn’t want me to know she was crying but I don’t think she really understood why she was either. It was really sweet though.

11-4-12 072

Sam wasn’t sure what to think at all. At first he did not think that Baby Hayes was the same as Baby Gummy Bear. He wouldn’t come see me either. I don’t think he liked seeing me sitting in the hospital bed. When ever someone was holding Hayes he would “pet Baby Hayes’ head”. Never once did he sit with me until I was finally home. Then he gave me the biggest hug.


Carrie Beth said...

I got chills reading that story, but so glad everything turned out great and that you are now a family of 5!!! I can imagine that Reese is going to be the biggest help to you. Such a sweet big sister!

Bryan said...

That was the best story I've heard in a while...thanks for sharing! Congratulations again. So happy for you all.

Jenny said...

so so sweet Renee! I'm glad baby Hayes is okay and I hope you are doing well too! I can't wait to meet him! Your story made me tear up too! Big congrats!

Courtney said...

oh my goodness, CONGRATS from the Groovers! He is precious! :)

Priscilla said...

Congratulations! We are anxious to meet sweet little Hayes. I am sure you have 2 big helpers.