Sunday, November 11, 2012

In Pictures

Thursday, Lance was able to go to Sam’s school and celebrate his birthday with his class. I found some Power Ranger rings online to use as decorations for cupcakes. I also bought some Power Ranger plates. When Sam saw them he was so excited. He couldn’t wait to use them.

11-11-12 001

Lance said that Sam was very quiet while he was there. When he asked his teacher if he was normally like that she said no. He is usually their most interactive in class. He is also the oldest in his class so that is not really surprising.

11-11-12 002

He was very excited about the birthday crown. I was so sad that I was not able to go and celebrate with him but I think he was thrilled to have Daddy there with him.

11-11-12 004

Friday was parent watch day at ballet. Once again I was not able to go so Lance had a sneak peek in to Reese’s pink and girly world.

11-11-12 016

I am glad Lance had this chance. He gets to hear all about ballet but only ever gets to see the recital. This showed him things they are doing in class way before the recital even comes around. I think Reese (secretively) enjoyed having Daddy there as well.

11-11-12 040

This weekend was a weekend full of celebrating Sam. Saturday Lance’s family came over with CFA and presents. Sam is officially a Power Ranger with all of the gear he racked up this weekend.

Saturday night we just chilled. It was a nice night to just relax. After being held so much during the day, Lance laid Hayes down on the floor to stretch out some. When he put him on his stomach he fell right asleep. Sam wanted to snuggle up to him.

11-11-12 087

We decided we wanted to see all three of the kids side by side. However, they were not really interested in us taking their picture so this was the best we could do.

11-11-12 088

Today, my parents and grandmother came over for some more celebrating of Sam. He got some fun super hero clothes and another birthday cake.

We had a great weekend and are so thankful for family who want to celebrate our sweet babies.


Priscilla said...

Savor the memories. These are special times for your family. Love the pictures!

AA said...

Love those last two pictures, Renee! You have the sweetest kids!