Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween 2012…a little late

I wanted to make sure we still got pictures from Halloween on here even though life has been crazy the last few days. So here we go…

We did our normal Halloween tradition. Our neighbors came over for pizza and then we all went out to Trick or Treat. Jenny and I walked down the street with every one so that we could see the kids go to a few houses and then we headed back to our house to hand out candy. It was such a nice night we set up some chairs in the driveway and handed out candy from there.

11-4-12 008

This year Reese went as Snow White. She had a hard time deciding what she wanted to be. We went round and round with different costumes. She finally decided she wanted to be Rapunzel so we headed to the Disney store for a costume. But when we got there the choices were endless and she couldn’t decide. She saw a bag of Snow White jewelry and wanted it so bad. I told her she could get the jewelry if she was Snow White for Halloween (we bought a Snow White dress while at Disney last year). She decided that was the way to go!

11-4-12 012

Sam went as the red Power Ranger. One of Reese’s friends introduced Power Rangers to our house and Sam loves it! We actually bought his costume a month or so ago and he wore it at least every other day up until Halloween. He was so excited for Halloween to finally arrive. He uses a golf club as his sword and a flip phone as his Samurizer (that is how you turn in to a Power Ranger). See the phone in his hand below. He takes his role as a Power Ranger very seriously.

11-4-12 023

I am so glad we got this last silly family picture before we finally got to meet Baby Gummy Bear!

11-4-12 015

Reese and Emma ready for some candy. I can’t believe they have been doing this together for five years now! Time flies!

11-4-12 024

While we were out we ran in to one of Reese’s friends. He lives down the street and are in class together. He is super sweet and a great little friend! I just love that smile on Reese’s face!

11-4-12 025

This is another of Reese’s friends house but she was still getting ready so I didn’t see her here. Reese ran in to her later once I was back at the house and didn’t get a picture with her.

11-4-12 030

All of the kids had so much fun running up to each house for some candy. Sam would ask over and over to eat it. There is no telling how much candy he actually ate that night. Jenny and I enjoyed our time sitting in our chairs, handing out candy while the dads did all the work. After they circled the block they came back to our house and the girls helped us hand out the rest of the candy. It was a late night for the kids and little did we know that our lives were about to make a big change that night!

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