Sunday, December 16, 2012

Elf Emergency

A couple of days ago, Sam accidentally knocked Thunder Buzz to the ground. There was a little bit of panic and Sam kept saying, “It was just an accident!”. I had to do some quick thinking and told the kids that Mommy’s were allowed to move the elf if he got hurt. I would have just left him but since he was in front of the door we needed to move him. We put him back in the place where he first showed up in hopes that Santa would be able to bring him back to the North Pole. I actually let Reese pick him up and touch him because she said, “I’ve always wanted to know what he felt like”. The next morning he was back with a band-aid on his head and a note for the kids. He was ok and back to do his job.

12-13-12 024

12-13-12 025

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Carrie Beth said...

I love the bandaid idea. That's cute. Last year Harper touched our elf and Handley was devastated that he had lost his magic. I did a quick search online and found that if you touch your elf all you have to do is sing him your favorite Christmas song and that will restore his magic. It worked and eased Handley's fear of Harper touching it.