Friday, December 14, 2012

Kindergarten Performance

Last night the kindergarteners put on a performance at Reese’s school. They did the ABC’s of the holidays. They sang several songs with motions.

12-14-12 019

Reese was so animated and in to the performance the whole time. She was so cute! We decided that we will definitely put her in some kind of drama camp this summer.

12-14-12 028

I loved watching her in front of this large crowd of people. On the way to the school she asked me, “Mommy, when you are nervous do you feel like you have to go potty?”. I giggled and asked if she meant “tee-tee or poo”. She said “tee-tee”. And then I told her yes and that it was normal to feel that way. We made sure she went to the bathroom before the show so that she would know that she only felt that way because she was a little nervous. It was so sweet!

12-14-12 034

I think she was most excited about the bells and kazoo they got to keep in their pockets for some of the songs. She told me for weeks that she needed to have pockets! Up until that night she was just going to wear blue jeans. Then I found a skirt that had pockets in her drawers that I thought would be too big. It turns out it is a perfect fit so I am glad I pulled it out. She decided she wanted to wear the skirt…of course!

12-14-12 038

She couldn’t wait for her show to start. When we arrived at the school she was busting at the seams to get out of the car. Finally, Lance had to take her in while I get the rest of us out of the car because she couldn’t keep it together for that long. She was jumping up and down and telling us to hurry.

12-14-12 035

After the show, her parapro walked her over to us with a huge smile on her face. She said Reese just cracked her up the whole time. We grabbed Reese’s friends from preschool for a quick picture. These little ones are so cute together.

12-14-12 044

Each class had five kids who had speaking parts. Each of the girls above had a part. The speaking parts started with a letter of the alphabet and presented something from a holiday.  Reese had the letter L. As the microphone got closer to her you could tell she was getting a little nervous but she did a great job! It was just precious!!

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Jenny said...

so cute Renee - I'm sure you were a proud mama when you got to hear her speak! I love how you can see her mouthing the words of the next girl! Can't wait to see the boys' play this week!