Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Our Weekend

We had a nice weekend. Friday night we started it off with a Christmas-y pizza and a movie night. We watched Polar Express and enjoyed our pizza.

Saturday morning, our Elf showed up. The kids had been downstairs for about an hour while I was still upstairs. All of a sudden I hear Reese screaming that Thunder Buzz had arrived. It was so cute to hear the excitement in her squeals. She is so emotional about everything and it just cracked me up. We then decided that Hayes needed a bath and the kids wanted to help.

Reese bathed his belly and chest.

photo 1

While Sam cleaned his back.

photo 2

After he was all clean, Lance picked him up to dry him off and he got peed on. Ha! He always gets tagged by the kids after bath time.

photo 3

After we were all clean and ready, we ran to CFA to grab lunch and then headed to our local Santa Parade.

photo 4

We had a fun time at the parade and then took Reese to a friends house to play. Sam, Hayes, and I took a nap and Lance got our decorations up outside. The kids were both so excited to see the house all decorated.

Sunday we decided to take the kids to see Santa. Reese was so excited to go see Santa. She walked right up to him and climbed in his lap.

12-4-12 011

However, Sam was not thrilled about this at all. He cried all morning saying he didn't want to see Santa. Once we arrived at the mall, we promised him a treat if he would just get his picture taken with Santa. He did a great job and was rewarded with some yogurt.

12-4-12 016


After Santa pictures, Reese and Lance had a Daddy-Daughter Date Day planned.


They went to the Fox to see Beauty and the Beast. Reese was so excited about the show and I think she really enjoyed it.


After the show it was her turn for some yogurt. They headed over to Atlantic Station for some more special time together.


Reese wanted to continue their date getting pizza at Mellow Mushroom so they called and invited me and the boys to join them. We enjoyed our dinner together wrapping up our weekend.

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