Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sam’s Christmas Show

Yesterday Sam had his Christmas Show at school. He was so excited about it since he had already seen Reese perform in her show. We had been hearing bits and pieces of songs for a while now and we couldn’t wait to see them in the show.

Sam and his buddy, Davis

12-18-2012 002

I wasn’t sure how Sam was going to do in the show. His shy side could have easily come out and he could have hid the whole time. But he didn’t! He was just so excited. He waved to us several times throughout the show.

12-18-2012 005

He did all of the motions and sang all of the songs like a pro!

12-18-2012 010

I couldn’t help but smile and giggle the whole time. He looked like such a big boy. Jumping during a fun song…

12-18-2012 071

It is amazing to me how much you can teach a two year old class. The preschool teachers are just amazing.

12-18-2012 097


12-18-2012 103

I love that you can see the big kids behind him doing the same thing that he is doing. This was such a fun show. We have seen three Christmas shows over the last three years here with Reese. This year there is a new music teacher and I think she did the best Christmas show so far.

12-18-2012 110

I loved seeing my sweet boy up on that stage. We were so proud of him.

I got several videos but the quality is horrible. And it died before some of the most fun songs of the show! I was bummed. Here is one of the videos…so cute!!

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Priscilla said...

Cute! Sam did better than the big kids; he has the moves! Enjoy the memories.