Saturday, December 1, 2012

One Month Old

Today Hayes is one month old. This month has gone by soooo fast, too fast!

At one month old:
*he still sleeps a good bit of the day.
*he is doing great at night. I put him in bed around 10-11 and he sleeps between 4-5 hours. He wakes up to eat and then is usually right back to sleep for another couple of hours.
*we had a little bit of trouble getting him to gain weight so we were back and forth to the doctors office for weight checks. He is finally back up over his birth weight as of Wednesday. He will have his one month appointment later this week. We are not exactly sure why we had trouble with weight gain. There are several reasons tossed around but it doesn’t really matter now that we have him gaining weight.
*Because of trouble gaining weight, he eats every two hours during the day. It usually takes him about 40 minutes to get in a full feeding so I feel like I am feeding him all day. Sam always says, “But he just ate!”. I know, Buddy, that is what it feels like. To be able to get some things done during the day, I usually have one feeding that I stretch to three hours. Other wise I would be sitting in a chair all day.
*he has sweet little baby smiles. Every once in a while, I think he smiles in response to me but it could just be wishful thinking at this point.
*he will look at me and make eye contact but he is not really interested in looking at anyone else yet. He also turns his head to find me occasionally.
*he wears 0-3 month clothes. I just packed up the newborn clothes we had. I wasn’t really sad about that because he didn’t really wear any of them anyways. The main newborn clothes I put on him were the shirts that had mittens until I got his nails clipped.
*he wears size one diapers. Again, he never wore the newborn size diapers.

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AA said...

What a sweet little face. And a super-star sleeper! Yay for Mommy and Daddy! Can't wait to meet him.