Friday, February 1, 2013

Three Months Old!

Hayes is three months old today. Here are things happening with him right now:

*Bats at objects and grabs on the rings in his activity gym.


*Loves to look at his own hands and others hands.

*Still puts fingers in his mouth but is doing much better with the pacifier.

*In 3-6 months clothes…but I don’t even know how much longer he will be in those. The boy is growing so fast!!

*I moved him in to size 3 diapers a couple of weeks ago.

*He sleeps for about 12 hours a night but wakes up one to two times during that to eat. He usually sleeps right through those feedings and is back in bed right away. Last night I decided to see if he was really hungry when he woke up the first time or just needed a little help getting back to sleep. When he woke up around 12:30, I put the pacifier in his mouth and he fell right back to sleep!

2-1-13 005

*Is not a great napper. We call him “Little Reese” when it comes to actually getting him to sleep. He fights falling asleep just like Reese did and he only naps for short periods of time. Max naps are one hour. Every once in a blue moon I can get two hours out of him. Those are usually with me holding him.

*Laughs and smiles a ton…I could not get a picture of him smiling today.

2-1-13 011

*”Talks” a lot. It sound like a gurgley GOO.

*Loves any and all fans…white, dark, on, off

*Was trying really hard to roll over while on his back. He finally did it for the first (and so far only) time yesterday. And I totally missed it. I sat on the floor with him for about ten minutes while he tried and I gave him a push a couple of times so he could see what it felt like. Finally Sam and I got up and went in to the kitchen and came back and Hayes was on his stomach!

Here is his three month picture…very serious today.

2-1-13 026

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