Friday, January 31, 2014

More Snow Fun

Yesterday around 12:30, Lance and the big kids set off on an adventure to go get Lance’s car. We bundled everyone up and off they went.

1-31-14 001

Hayes and I stayed home in the warm house! I didn’t really want Sam to go because he had been so sick all week but he didn’t have a fever in the morning and seemed to be fine.

1-31-14 002

It was so funny to see them all walk off through the woods. Lance said Sam was a slow poke and wouldn’t stay with them.

1-31-14 004

Once they got to the ballpark, the kids ran the bases on the baseball field. Lance said it was pretty because it was untouched…until our kids got there. I think the walk and the run at the park did Sam in because he had a fever the rest of the afternoon. After Lance got home with his car, we took Amy her van back because they didn’t have a car at home. Her husband had abandoned his car and walked the last two miles home. We then went through the CFA drive thru because we just wanted to be out of the house.

1-31-14 027

1-31-14 028

This morning I told the kids that this would probably be the last day the snow was here because it was going to warm up this weekend. We decided it would be fun to go and play. This was the first time I had taken Hayes out to play.

1-31-14 009

Hayes, of course, loved being outside and the snow didn’t phase him at all. He sat it in, walked on it, ate it, and just enjoyed being outside.

1-31-14 010

I was worried his hands were getting super cold and wet but he accidentally took a glove off and his hand was not too cold or wet.

1-31-14 012

Sam woke up with no fever again this morning and I am hoping we have turned a corner with him. He was not happy when we first got outside because he couldn’t find his gloves. I told him his hands were going to be really cold if he touched the snow. He said, “I don’t care!” Well, as soon as he did that he started crying that his hands were cold. Reese kindly went inside to get him some socks to put on his hands and he had fun after that.

1-31-14 017

We made a few snowballs but the snow really didn’t stick and we definitely couldn’t make a snowman.

1-31-14 020

I think Hayes would play outside even in the pouring down rain, a hurricane, or a huge snow storm.

1-31-14 024

Reese said, “Let’s take a picture to show the snow.” But you can’t see it in Sam’s hands because of the white socks. Ha!

1-31-14 022

1-31-14 026

I am glad they were able to get out in the snow one more time because it will probably be another three years before we see it again!

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