Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Trouble with Hayes…

This boy! He is trouble! He is all boy! He gives me a run for my money.

12-19-13 262

When Reese and Sam were little, if I said no to them they would immediately cry. Hayes looks at me and does it again! He is not scared of me in the slightest.

12-19-13 351

He wants to do everything Sam and Reese are doing. Shortly after this picture he was standing up on the ottoman and jumping.

1-11-14 003

The stairs! Oh the stairs! He loves the stairs…but they don’t love him too much. We have been working really hard on them recently though so he will be better with them. And backpacks…he loves backpacks. If they are empty. Otherwise he tips over.

1-11-14 012

He is not scared of much. If there is a loud noise and someone else reacts to it, he will cry but that is about it.

1-11-14 005

He is a climber.

1-11-14 008

He can climb on things I didn’t even know he could climb on.

1-11-14 009

This is two separate days. I ended up turning the chair upside down one day because he wouldn’t stay out of the chair. He pitched such a big fit that I put him in time out in the highchair. Most of the time he will listen to Lance when he tells him no.

1-11-14 010

He has actually received a pop on his hiney because he just won’t listen and he is doing something that is dangerous.

1-11-14 011

He thinks it is so funny when Lance sticks him up on top of the car. He loves to sit up there and look around. Every time I put him in the car he grunts and points to the roof but I can’t reach that far. He gets so mad and pitches a fit while I put him in his car seat.

12-19-13 414

He sleeps like an angel though. It makes me forget all the trouble he has given me through out the day. When I rock him before bed he is so sweet and I just love those moments.

12-19-13 291

And because I keep forgetting to put this picture on here. That is Hayes on the left and my mom on the right. Look at those matching smiles! Too funny! That is how Hayes smiles in every picture…if he is smiling because he is always very serious in his pictures.

12-19-13 388

Oh this boy! He is going to give me lots of gray hairs!


Rebecca said...

I love all of those pictures! I can't wait to see the adventures he takes when he gets a little older. I love the daredevil in him! :-) Such a sweet, sweet boy!!! Love you, Hayes-y Baby!!

Kiera said...

This is too funny!! What a fun personality already poking through!! Love the picture of him and your mom, they look so much alike:)

The Randolph Family said...

love this Renee - I was laughing so hard b/c I can't believe he is big enough to climb already! I think he looks alot like Sam in the picture where he is sleeping. So sweet!