Monday, December 10, 2007


When my sisters and I were younger we all went to the orthodontist together. The first time you go they make an impression of your teeth with this gooey, gummy kind of stuff that taste really nasty and it goes far back in your mouth. I imagine everyone gags the first time this happens because you don't realize what is happening. The doctor tells you to breathe through your nose to help keep you from gagging. Occasionally they will make this mold again to see the progression of your mouth and in between these times the doctors hands are always in your mouth doing something. After a while you get used to this and are not gagging anymore. Well, most every body does...except for Becca. On the top of Becca's chart in bright red and bold letters it said GAG REFLEX. This was for each assistant as well as the orthodontist to know that she would gag every time they did something and to be prepared with a vomit bucket. We thought this was hilarious. I tell this story because I think Reese is going to be the same way. I have started feeding her oatmeal now and EVERY time I put the oatmeal in her mouth she gags and then pushes all of the cereal out of her mouth. I am not sure why she does this because she did not do it with the rice. I don't know if it is the texture or the taste. I make it pretty soupy to see if that helps. We will see. I video taped feeding her this morning but have not loaded it yet...I will soon.

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