Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Well, Christmas is over. We made it through a hectic few days with smiles on our faces and thankful for the time we had with family and friends.

Saturday we started our whirlwind of parties and visiting with the McKinleys. We had lunch with them and spent the afternoon at their house. It was great visiting with them as always and we can't wait to do it again.

Maddie, Jodie, and Reese

Sunday we went to my aunt and uncles house for Christmas with my dad's family. The Florida folks didn't make it up this year and we missed them greatly. Reese got tons of cute presents while we were there and she can't wait to play with them all.

My grandparents with Reese

After Christmas with my dad's family we spent the night with my parents and had Christmas eve with them. That morning my Mom, Becca and I got a pedicure while Lance stayed home with Reese and my dad and Leah worked. That evening we went to Lance's sisters house and spent Christmas day with them. Reese got some wonderful presents (as did Lance and I) and we can't wait to see her enjoy them all.

Here is a picture of her enjoying some sunglasses from my cousin Bryan, her Bebe Pod from my parents and her Music Station from Lance's parents.

Sweet Baby Santa

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Nathan and Patricia Harder said...

I wish we could have been up there to visit and finally meet Reese. It sounds like you had a wonderful time on her first Christmas and I am sure she was spoiled being the first Grand baby on our side. :) Nathan and I want to get up there as soon as he can get a few days off work!