Thursday, December 27, 2007

They keep coming

Reese has hit two new milestones this week. After Lance's post the other day about Reese screaming for hours, we finally learned that we were right in our assumption that she is teething. Last night I ran my fingers over her bottom gums and her two bottom front teeth have cut the gums. Soon she will have two little white teeth popping up. I can't believe that. I am relieved that she has gotten through the worst with those two teeth. Now she should (key word) be happy for now. She is also sitting up unassisted. She can sit for about ten seconds on a good run before she rolls to the side. This coming weekend we are going to start her on vegetables. We should have some good video from that so be looking for it!

Until then here is a picture of our little Hollywood pushing herself up with her arms.

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